so bored in math class

ah math is soooooooooooo boreing im in my math class right now but today is computer lab day so we use labtops and u get the point <3 so ya ah shit! my teacher in at the table next to me so i g2g bye!
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guess wha?!

guess wha! last night i fell down the stairs for the 2nd time and now im in great pian. my sisters said i could have died +o+ because i hit my head on the cement so it could have cracked it open =o= but im okay yay!!!!!! ^_^


today i bought .hack//another birth vol.1//infection and love hina noval and panic at the disco cd because i got a good ass report card in the mail!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!! so i got some munny and presents like a cute stuffed furry monkey!! the .hak//another birth book is confuseing like in the begining of the middle when akira meets kite in stead of her yelling at him he yells at her and at the church part blackrose suposed to freak which she did but she ended up killing the monster and not kite. its like blackrose change the whole story around. but thats y they made the book to show us how she saw what was happening during that time of the virus. man i sound so geeky right now dont i? well im just going to leave now so bye. ^.^

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Create a Gangster
Name / Username
The gang you belong to is... the Latin Kings
In your gang you are... the don
In a street fight you... wait for someone to fall to the ground and kick them while they are down
Someone of a rival gang just mugged a family member, you... show sympathy, but walk away with a grin because you sent that gang to mug him/her
Your weapon you keep is ... abaseball bat
The end of your run as a gangster will be... when your best friend kills you when he is drugged up on crack
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once againi have the flu or really throwing up and i m really dizzy ~_~ i also keep crashing in to walls,tables,people.
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I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im back!!!!!!!!! and i can post on my lj again!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!! well yesterday i hurt my hand the bone is weak so i cant move my wrist :( well good news is i beat the kingdom hearts game but for being stupid i started a new game a saved over the old one. well thats it g2g bye!!!! ^O^
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